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Watch TV9 news online on YuppTV for latest updates

Be the first to witness the world's major events when you watch live news and the latest updates on TV9 through YuppTV.

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Ab Gizmos and Other Assorted Snake Oils

Ab Gizmos and Other Assorted Snake Oils © 2002 Elena Fawkner Big news this week. The FTC's going after the ... behind the ab gizmos. You know the ones - develop six-pack abs in 6 weeks without d

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"Bridging the Gap": Don't Forget Your Core Customers!

The big news in the business sector last month was ... of Millard Drexler as CEO of The Gap. The ... retail chain has hit hard times, losing money inthe last four quarters and sl

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Four Breast Augmentation Myths to Say Goodbye To!

Here we look at four myths that are commonly circulated throughout the general population about breast augmentation.

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Anybody but BUSH!

Anybody but ... ... 30, ... in New York ... of ... marched down seventh avenue. And, of course, C-SPAN is covering it like a big news event.I took the time to w

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