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PRIME AAC Blocks Make Your Home Pest Free

PRIME AAC BLOCKS have very low thermal conductivity and thus are very good thermal insulators. They help keep the interiors comparatively cooler in summers and warmers in winters. This results in substantial energy saving on air conditioning and heating. They reduce the HVAC as much as 15%

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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is Load-bearing, Light weight, High-protecting, Durable structure item created in wide scope of qualities and sizes. AAC Blocks squares additionally improves the nature of working simultaneously and decreases the cost of building development.

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Building Materials with Greenstone AAC Blocks

Durable AAC Blocks Manufacturers, AAC Bricks Suppliers in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Bangalore, Visakhapatnam. Top Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks, bricks provider.

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