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What is a Business Centre?

Avanta Serviced Offices offers stunningly spacious furnished offices in New Delhi. Located at the prestigious Statesman House at Connaught Place, this facility offers a distinct advantage due to its location and splendid infrastructure.The Avanta Business Centre offers flexible packages for premium services including Serviced Offices, Meeting Rooms and Virtual Offices

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MCSE Job Opportunities: Your best career move in IT

A candidate or a professional in the field of IT industry taking the MCSE course can guarantee himself a place in one of thousands of Networking jobs.

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Know ERP Course Fees And Eligibility To Choose The Best Training Program

ERP is an essential factor required to improve the business infrastructure of a company. This training program is of high demand in today's market.

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Fully Equipped and Affordable Meeting Rooms In New Delhi

At the turn of the 21st century, with every organization looking to reap the benefits of a flatter world, businesses look to expand beyond the physical boundaries of their founding country. In order to provide proficient and seamless products and services across markets, it is highly critical for a business to have state-of-the-art business infrastructure across locations.

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Why Ghana Business Needs More Online Visibility

The growth of business sector in Ghana has showed the potential that can reap by domestic and international businesses. Where one need online technology to be familiared with in order to grab the best of online traffic.

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Ideal London Venues

London is the financial heart of the European Union (EU) and capital of one of only four trillion dollar economies in the EU with an infrastructure to match. The business infrastructure is being improved even further, because of London being selected as the venue for the ultimate global sporting occasion – the Olympic games will be hosted by London in 2012, and a £9 billion ($18 billion) construction project is underway.

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