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What is the water hardness in my area?

Hard water is caused by calcium and magnesium compounds; rain water is naturally soft as it has had no chance to pick up any minerals from the ground. When water passes through the ground through soft rocks like chalk or limestone, it picks up these minerals. If the water passes through rocks such as granite or through peaty soil calcium and magnesium are picked up and so the water remains soft.

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Functions, Characteristics and Applications of Enzymes

This article aims to introduce the functions, characteristics, and applications of enzymes. It is expected that readers who are less exposed to life sciences, in general, can understand the catalysts in living bodies through this article.

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The Effect of Probiotics for the Gut Health

There are trillions of microbes inhabiting the human intestine. These microbes gradually reach a balance of types and numbers during the process of reproduction, and this balance is closely related to the body's normal metabolism. Once the structure of the intestinal flora becomes imbalanced, various metabolic diseases will follow. The probiotics multiply in large quantities in the intestine, which can adjust the disordered intestinal flora structure and improve the body's immune ability, thereby helping restore health.

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