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Feast on your favorite Festal Dessert while kicking the SUGAR!

Sugar, sugar, sugar… May taste sweet but is not so sweet to your health, your hormones, your waistline & your daily performance. Sugar is a great contributor to obesity, diabetes, weight gain, heart disease, liver damage and chronic inflammation… The Festal Cafés whole vision is to feed you a paleo platter of food, which is high in quality healthy fats, proteins & veggies. This way of eating will balance your hormones, reduce inflammation, give your body and brain the energy it has been longing for!

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Links between migraine and cane sugar

Migraine has often been linked to food intolerances. This article considers one of the substances often considered a culprit. But is the link an intolerance, or is there another problem?

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Maltitol Sugar Substitute: What It Is And How It Effects Your Health

If you eat packaged low sugar or reduced calorie foods, you've almost certainly run into the sugar substitute Maltitol. But all sugar substitutes are not alike - it's important to understand what Maltitol is, how it works, and how it can effect your health.

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Artificial Sweeteners: The Real Skinny?

We already know that if you want to use a sweetener for whatever purpose, refined sugar is not what you should be using by choice. A far more viable option to refined sugar, either white or brown, is the unrefined natural cane sugar commonly sold in Mexico and the Caribbean and is sometimes available through health stores in the USA and Canada. Read on and learn whether you should be trusting any of the artificial sweeteners available.

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