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Death, divorce or disability might seem remote possibilities to business owners and partners, but the havoc they leave behind can destroy a a family, a person's financial future, and a business. Find out why succession planning is essential at every age and every stage of the life of the business.

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A Flexible Alternative to Business Lines of Credit

Learn about a flexible alternative to lines of credit that has been gaining popularity in the recent years.

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How to Research Florida Home Insurance Companies in a Tough Economy

During 2009, two Florida based home insurance companies went out of business because their cash reserves fell below state required minimum levels. If this had happened during an active Florida hurricane season and your policy was with one of these companies you might have faced significant delays in getting your Florida hurricane claim paid. Here's what you need to know in order to select the right Florida home insurance company.

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Sell your House in 7 Days to Professional Home Buying Companies without any Obligations

With we buy houses companies, you can sell your house in as little as 7 days. Yes, you can now sell house fast and move on with what is more important in your life. You may have decided to sell your house, as you plan to buy a new one, need cash for investments, falling behind on payments or the house needs massive repairs. Well in all these cases, you would want to close the sale fast and go back to your regular life.

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Look at cash flow statement before investing

First of all, if you are a prospective lender, what would you like to see in the books of a company you intend to loan money to? One of the points you would surely consider is the cash reserves of the company. There is no company in the world that doesn’t have debts – this is the way business works. But when a company has deep cash reserves, it shows the strength of its business and business planning.

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Why Approach We Buy Home for Cash Home Buyers to Sell your House

As an individual when you plan to buy a house, you know how difficult the financing part gets with the ever-changing rules and regulations of the mortgage companies. The same rules apply when you sell your house to an individual buyer. You may have to wait until the buyer gets his mortgage application approved. However, by working with We Buy Homes for Cash homebuyers, you need not wait for any mortgage application approvals.

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