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What Affects The Industrial Paint You Choose?

If you are a professional painter you have many industrial paint options open to you. Whether it's metal paint, floor paint or marine spec paints & more you focus on. Each project should follow a set process to decipher which paint is best for your job.

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Spiral Steel Pipe Anticorrosion Coating Performance

Spiral steel pipe anti-corrosion coating performance mainly has the impact resistance, flexural properties, wear resistance. On the impact strength, the twist with polyethylene plastic coating is better than the asphalt coating, and a good protective layer of polyethylene plastic rigid polyurethane foam coating toughness, which has good resistance to bending properties, but smaller mechanical strength, can not withstand the beat, hit, so pay attention gently, avoid collisions and reduce damage when loading and unloading.

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Cathodic Protection as an Important Concept of Marine Engineering

For someone who isn't highly well-informed with marine engineering, it's always presumed that corrosion results as a result of submersion of metal in water which is not actually the case since it is usually the electrical current in water that causes such reaction.

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Spiral Steel Pipe Anticorrosion

For buried pipeline electrochemical corrosion process of the three, as in the outer wall of pipeline anticorrosion coating, can increase the loop resistance, reduce corrosion current;With dc power supply, make the steel pipe cause negative potential to the soil.

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