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PKI – Old Technology has a New Rival

Currently, when most people think of digital signature capturing the first technology that comes to mind is Public Key Infrastructure or (“PKI”). However, the old guard of PKI is a dying technology. PKI is a good solution with serious limitations that will hinder and impede its continued growth. PKI is both expensive to implement and expensive to maintain. PKI is also time consuming. Professionals do not want to slow down the sales cycle to send someone to a third party certificate authority just to make a sale.

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Secure Sockets Layer: The Inspiration Over TRUST

Seeing that it's 1st industry introduction by 1995 via VeriSign, SSL has become the de facto security standard available for ecommerce. The information encryption then authentication that come with an Secure Socket Layer Certificate bought on the legitimate Certificate Authority (CA) are usually important ingredients for e-commerce webpages to build entrust with their visitors.

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