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Key Components of the LinkedIn profile that you should Optimize for better Exposure and Engagement

LinkedIn is one of most sought out platform for B2B leadgeneration and Career growth. Today we are going to highlight some of the key components that have to be optimized for prospecting better in generating leads for the company or for getting a job.

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5 Tweet Ideas for Twitter’s 280 Character Limit

Twitter began its tweet limit confining to only 140 characters. It was applied and was utilized for a long time. In any case, later on, in 2017, twitter expanded its cutoff for its client from 140 characters to 280 characters. However, twitter is as yet utilized and is accessible to share or get briefer contemplations for its clients. As per the reports, after the twitter character check expanded to 280, just 1% tweets hit the 280 imprints, and just about 12% tweets are longer than 140 characters.

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