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Boron steel export tax rebate cancellation for steel export

Boron steel export tax rebate cancellation will get 40 percent steel exports impacted.

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China’s steel pipe export

Mainly introduce the current export situation and new research direction of Chinese steel pipe .

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Iron metal desulfurization process will become the competition focus for powder metallurgy industry

As a main raw material in metal powder manufacturing industry, China's annual demand for steel is very large. The sulfur content of the steel determines the quality of steel, which is due to the characteristics of sulfur.

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The main driving force of Chinese nickel industry rapidly developing

The production of Chinese electrolytic nickel in 1991 was less than 30,000 tons, but after 10 years development, to 2001 it was exceeded 50,000 tons, in 2002 the production was nearly 60,000 tons.

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