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Living with Christian Art for Inspiration

Christian art is wonderful for inspiring us. Cathedrals and churches, paintings, music, performances, and sculpture have been created for centuries. Now, in our own time, photography, mixed media, and posters are widely available too.

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Wall Art in every shcools should be a routine.

Several people in India also like to stick themselves to the traditional way of decorating homes with art form related to spiritual gods or figures thus creating a unique demand of their own in terms of their religion. Several Hindu prefer Lord Ganesha influenced art while Muslim art has its own demand patters depending upon the occasion as well as the place where the art needs to place. Christian art is also diverse in nature and thus people buy art to make themselves in serenity with the blessing of their gods.

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Expressing your faith as a Christian on campus.

It can be difficult to express your faith as a student on a college campus. This article gives some ideas on how to express your faith with style.

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Mudras & Hand Symbolism: Hand Symbolism & Beliefs Part 3

The Initiates of the Mystery Schools. Occult hand-signs and gestures.

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