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What is a apostle

An apostle is a messenger—a person who is sent to carry a message. The men closest to Jesus were called disciples, which means "pupils" or "learners," while he was alive; then, because he sent them out to carry the Christian religion to other countries, they were called apostles.

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John Calvin the Man

Did this brilliant scholar walk the talk?

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Is the Christian Religion the Same Thing as the Christian Faith?

Is there a difference between religion - and faith? If so, what is it? It's possible you have never wondered about this. But, then again, maybe you have. The next few paragraphs may confirm ... some suspicions!

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The Role of Authority and Liberty in a Just Democracy

I have this one contention to make and prove in this essay: that the essence of all just authority stems from the common natures of mankind, and that the essence of all just liberty stems from the common differences of mankind. No political theorist will be at odds with me on this one point of my thesis: authority and liberty are diametrically opposed acts. Authority implies a limitation, a regulation, a restriction, an inhibition of the desires. Liberty implies no limitation, no relugation, ro restruction, no inhibition of the desires. But then there is the question of, "To Whom?" To whom is this liberty, and to whom is this authority? For a man to be allowed to steal property whenever he wishes will be a liberty to himself, but authority to the one whom is his target. For a man to be disallowed from a certain activity is an act of authority. When a man is allowed the right to freedom of speech, it is liberty to himself and an act of authority to the one who hears it. These are simple and confined cases of activity and the role of might or justice as it might appear. When we are judging an entire society, an act of authority is an inhibition on a certain action or activity that is enforced against all members of the commonwealth. Likewise, an act of liberty is this lack of authority, a lack of regulation, inhibition, or restriction -- liberty is the right to commit a certain action without deterrence.

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Martin Luther’s theology

Martin Luther, a teacher, preacher, priest and theologian, was, in my opinion, one of the most outstanding people in European history. He produced a great impact on the further development of Christian religion and European philosophy as well. He also contributed to the critical regard at a traditional holy Catholic Church which was considered to be an infallible representative of the almighty God.

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Being Spiritual Being Light

People who understand the frequency and wave of the cosmic entity feel the mystical experience. The elevation of the thought makes one fly with the dragon, fairy or the angels.

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