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Global optical coatings market will reach $ 7.4 billion in 2012

Benefit from the nanotechnology, display technology and the development of biotechnology, optical coatings market is expected to reach $ 7.4 billion in 2012.

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Automotive OEM Coatings Contribute to a Robust Industry Scenario

The industry for automotive OEM coatings is responsible for a vibrant competitive scenario along with a robust market presence in the various region of the world. In particular, the Asia-Pacific region appears more lucrative than the other geographies.

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Global market of metal powder coating is expanding rapidly

The global market share of metal powder coatings is expanding. The global powder coatings market reached $ 3.94 billion in 1999. It is $ 5.88 billion in 2005. Powder coatings remain strong in growth.

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Price of Household Powder Coating rises in 2011

Because that VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions are close to zero, it is in line with environmental requirements, product cost, efficiency and safety of coating are excellent.

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