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How Can I be an Effective Communicator?

The way to deal with this particular problem is practising effective and active listening. This process helps a person to listen with a reason. These reasons may be obtaining information, getting directions, understanding the other person involved in the communication process, getting solutions for different problems etc. I can tweak with my responses to achieve my intention by defining my reason in listening.

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Be an Effective Communicator

Humans are not the only species to have some form of communication. Yet we do have the most complex forms of communication extant. Hundreds of differing spoken languages and dialects, several visual languages, and several different alphabets, not to mention the various codes based on tones, beats etc, exist all of which are there for the purpose of communicating with other people. Human beings are social creatures - communication amongst ourselves is part and parcel of everyday life. Yet many people have "poor communication skills". Why is this so, when we seem to have developed an extraordinarily complex system able to convey a multitude of different purposes?

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Mythology & Parables in Modern Communication Part 2

... & Parables in Modern ... Part 2 Maurice Turmel PhDThere is a big ... coming in terms of our Human and ... ... where ... and Parables will again play a vit

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