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Trendy Food Manufacturing

"By the time a trendy food becomes mass produced, it is usually on its way out," says Dana Cowin, editor in chief of Food & Wine magazine. While it is true that the culinary world leads in food trends, the staying power of a trend can be best determined by its overall contributions to a society's culinary habit.

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Chinese Beef Recipes

Chinese stir fry is a kind of cooking method which use high heat temperature in order to cook the ingredients. Stir frying is a fast paced cooking without overcooking the dish, which can lead to lost of nutrients and exquisite "wok hei" aroma as well as the natural taste of the meal.

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Different Cooking Methods for Chicken Breasts

In today's economy chicken breasts not only bring value to the table, but flavor and nutrition as well. Versatility reigns supreme when it comes to the various ways chicken can be prepared. Even the most finicky of eaters will be able to find a favorite dish among the numerous recipes that begin with chicken breasts. Easy on the wallet, and easy on the waistline, this is one dish the whole family can enjoy.

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How to Cook Steak

This article explains How to Cook Steak.

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