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What is Butter Beer?

Butter Beer is a delicious drink that has been around for centuries. In the Harry Potter series, it is described as tasting like butterscotch and cream soda (not to be mistaken with delicious tasting craft beer in London which is potent in alcohol content).

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What's A Typical British Night Out?

A typical British night out. What does that mean? Well, in just three words, it is Booze, Booze, Booze!

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Why Are Big Breweries Trying To Muscle In On The Craft Beer Market?

Craft beer in London has been on the rise for a while now. With more people drinking craft beer, it is becoming harder for smaller breweries to keep up with demand. Bigger companies are looking to muscle in on this new market and gain some of the popularity that craft beers have garnered over the past decade or so. Why is this? What's in it for them?

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What is Brut IPA?

What is Brut IPA, you ask? In effect it is the champagne of beers, introduced into the market in very recent times by a brewpub in San Francisco, who has experimented with flavours for a number of years before they came up with this extraordinary beer.

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