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Decision Making Training Using Kipper Tie Technique

This article explores a creativity technique known as the kipper tie. A prime example is when you are given a short notice to deliver a presentation on your recent project or activity that you have been involved in. In this case, you can use a creative tool to prepare yourself quickly.

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Be Confident - You Are Meant To Succeed

This article explains why humans have the desire to possess, to achieve and to change things. It also points out the means by which we can fulfill our desires, goals and dreams.

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Bath Crayons - A Fun And Creative Tool To Learn

As any modern parent knows technology is increasingly taking over not just our lives but those of our children too.

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Creative Use of your Computer Can Make Language Learning Easier

Your computer can be used as a creative tool in your quest to learn a foreign language. Some innovative ideas can turn your language education into an entertaining, truly memorable experience.

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