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Credit Repair Companies & Banks at ODDS

Number of complaints and charge-back cases by consumers towards credit repair organizations has increased – and most of these cases are the result of illegal upfront fees. Now big banks are cutting high-risk merchant processing accounts loose, leaving credit repair companies with no choice but to close shop.

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Should You Use A Credit Repair Agency?

Credit repair agencies do not have any special power to "erase" negative information from your credit report. The commercials make a lot of promises, but the reality may only leave you with an empty wallet.

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Legally Clearing Your Credit

Over the past several years credit repair ... have gained a bad ... due to ... ... stating that they can clear your credit report. Clearing your report was not the prob

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How To Become A Credit Repair Specialist in 2023 | Client Dispute Manager

If you really want to set yourself apart from the competition, you might consider earning some extra credentials in addition to credit repair courses. These credentials might demonstrate to prospective customers that you've put in the time and effort required to become an expert in the field of credit repair and that you can effectively help them increase their credit scores.

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5 Simple tips that can help you avoid credit repair scams

Credit repair scams have become a common problem post recession. This article deals with 5 simple tips that can help you avoid credit repair scams and save thousands of dollars.

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Before hiring a Professional Credit Repair Organization or counsler you must read this?

A reputable credit repair counselor or Organization will advise you of your rights as a consumer, disclose the fees for their services in writing, and outline what will be happening during the time they will be working for you. If they seem to be making outlandish promises that seem too good to be true, don’t hire them and keep looking. A good credit repair counselor can be a great help toward making you more financially solvent and less stressed about your debts.

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