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To Get some Swtor Credits An Easy way to boost your character To Get some Swtor Credits

A skill can be unlearned by clicking the "X" button beneath the skill bar in your Crew Skills window.

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Answering the most popular questions of cabin crew aspirants

Are you thinking of becoming a cabin crew member? Do you want to know the cabin crew eligibility? Do you have other questions? Well, when you are willing to become an air hostess and when it is the first time, there will be tons of questions in your mind that would be eating you by now. This is very common and hence to help you understand the eligibility along with the other questions in your mind, here we will have a look at some of the most common questions.

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Why You Should Always Wear A Helicopter Helmet

Astonishingly, there are still helicopter businesses that don’t require helmets or they employ crew members that do not want to use helmets.

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Drinking on board of Air Mauritius Flight

The unconditional followers of Bacchus on Air Mauritius flights are warned. Government is coming with a new Bill that makes strict provisions for the prevention and punishment of violent and disruptive behavior by drunken passengers and improves safety and security on board.

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Captain Ahab joins the Canadian Navy

Canada’s military has been a ... joke for decades. On October 5th, that joke turned deadly serious when a crew member of the HMCS ... died from injuries ... onboard from smoke i

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