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10 ways to avoid Penalties for Drunk Driving

Don’t get into a trouble of being caught by an officer. These steps will surely help you in getting rid of penalties for drunk driving in New Jersey and Pennsylvania arrest and conviction.

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Designated Drivers - A Great Thing, But Are You Covered?

It's spring break and you probably want to have some fun at some parties or bars, so you've done the responsible thing and are taking turns being the designated driver.

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Want Cheaper Online Car Insurance Quotes? Stick to Designated Driver Status

There is nothing that will increase your premium like a DUI—even worse if you have a DUI that results in a fatality. It’s no secret; a DUI will cause you to have much higher online car insurance quotes.

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OWI- Operating While Intoxicated, What You Must Know About Iowa's Laws

This describes Iowa's OWI- Operating While Intoxicates laws and providers usefull information about how to prevent drunk driving.

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DUI Attorney - How to Prevent Yourself From Needing One

A DUI attorney can be invaluable when you get into a situation in which you are charged with a DUI. But the best course of action is to take some preventative steps to ensure you’ll never need the services of a DUI attorney.

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A DUI Defense Attorney and Holiday Cocktails

Holiday cocktails can be delicious but drinking too many of them may lead to needing a DUI defense attorney. Here are some favorites.

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