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Benefits of E-Publishing

... BENEFITS WRITERS AND ... like all other aspects of life, the digital ... has taken on the world of ... also. With digital ... coming to the fore, the publishi

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The Digital Revolution Enables On Demand Production

New developments in technology over the last decade have enabled processes that produce fast and inexpensive on-demand production. The invention of CD-ROM technology enabled widespread commercialization of multimedia content.On Demand production is a revolutionary new way to produce products that are published on CD and DVD media, enabling the creation, printing and distribution of custom CDs and DVDs.

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Mobile Ringtone Industry – the gizmos of desire today!

The mobile ringtones are creating mammoth revolution in the market, surpassing the music industry alone.

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How New Brain Technologies Will Enhance Our Careers And Our Brain Health

Our brain is at the core of everything we do, from the every-day decisions we make to the epic emotions we feel when we fall in love. And there's an unprecedented explosion in non-invasive neurotechnologies, ranging from car-based sensors detecting and minimizing inattentive driving to audio headsets that can detect your mood and adjust music to lift you up.

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