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Microtia: Treating A Child

Microtia is identified by different grades. Parents usually opt for surgery to improve the appearance of children's ears.

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Skin Mole Removal Remedies

A facial skin mole can be a sign of beauty. An example would be Marilyn Monroe. Most people with skin moles maybe plagued with multiple skin moles all over the body and do not consider these moles signs of beauty but a signs of irritation. Review the three methods for skin mole removal.

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Hand Surgeon - How Can One Help You?

Seeing a hand surgeon does not necessarily mean that you need surgery. The doctor has an expertise in treating hands and can discuss options with you.

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Microtia - What Is This Condition?

Microtia is a condition in which a person has a defect in the ear. There are different grades of the condition, and the doctor will discuss techniques used reconstruct the ear.

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