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Basic Issues To Consider Before You Start Using Evra Patch

This article gives you sufficient information about use and benefits of Evra patch. You will also find information on the factors that disallow you to use the contraceptive patch.

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Contraceptive patches – an alternative to the pill

Contraception is a necessity for women who are sexually active and vital in helping to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Contraceptive patches are preferred by some women over oral contraceptive pills. Evra patch is the only contraceptive patch available on the market.

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How Evra Patch Can Prevent Pregnancy?

If you are looking for an alternative to daily contraceptive pill which you do not need to take on a daily basis, opt for Evra skin patch. It supplies your body with artificial hormones and is as effective as a contraceptive pill. Read more to find out about this patch.

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Important Safety Information About Evra Patch

Evra patch should be applied to the skin for a time period of seven days, during which it releases synthetic oestrogen and progestogen into the body in order to prevent pregnancy. In this article, the benefits and working of this skin patch is discussed. Read more to find out.

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