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Using the More Options Menu on Your Fastback 15xs Binding Machine

On your Fastback 15xs binding machine the MORE OPTIONS menu allows you to customize various binding settings that can be important for certain applications. Once you are here there are seven different options available to you. This article will describe these seven different options and what they are used for.

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The PowisPrinter and a Fastback Binder - A Dynamic Duo

You can set up the PowisPrinter™next to a Fastback®binder, so that after your strip prints, it goes directly to the binder for binding.And you can save time binding multiple books with the same title, because the printer can print a strip while the previous book (with the same width and title) is being bound. Fancy, huh?

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An Introduction to the Powis Parker Fastback 15xs Binding Machine

This article will provide you with an introduction to the Fastback 15xs binding machine.

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