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Golf Gifts for Men

Golf gift items for the man in your ... are your man plays golf and Golf gifts for the man in your life can be found about any ... a great idea for a golf gift bound to ... any

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Golf Myrtle Beach

Golf Myrtle Beach ... - locals in Myrtle Beach know all the best courses, best golf deals and can plot every shot. Myrtle Beach favorite golf courses start with the oldest Pine Lakes to the new

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Win or Lose The Battle To Sell Your Paintings on Day One

Win or Lose the Battle to Sell Your Paintings on Day One explores the process for an artist to undertake in selling their paintings. Darrell Crow, artist and author, identifies the major pitfall most artist make on Day One when considering to sell their paintings. He shows you how to avoid the pitfall and to set yourself up for success beginning day one. Darrell covers the types of decisions to make with an example that is a blueprint all artists can easily use in establishing their market niche. Darrell also covers how to find easy markets and early sales. This article is a must read for anyone just starting out or having problems in selling their paintings and works of art.

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Got Golf Information Overload?

You’ve come home from work dead tired. You grab the mail on your way in and notice your new copy of your favorite golfing magazine is in the pile. It puts a slight smile on your face as a picture of you on a couch with an adult beverage suddenly pops into your mind. After getting into your evening uniform (sweats and slippers) you make your way to your favorite reclining device with that drink and a snack in hand to make that vision on the couch a reality. You get all settled with the TV on for background and you finally enter the “Jell Zone” to enjoy that golf magazine and your well-deserved relaxation period.

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