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Fly Line Care Items

Dirty fly line is a recipe for bad casting. So clean your line to provide for better casts and longer fly line life. Fly lines need to be cleaned for best casting. Additionally, by cleaning your fly lines, you'll greatly extend the life of the line - saving you money as well as time and hassle in changing out the line. And if you fly fishing for larger fish that have a tendency to pull out large amounts of fly line, don't forget about chaning out your fly line backing occasionally, too.

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Choosing a Fly Rod

For many reasons, it is with some ... that I approach this subject. As I have stated in previous articles about fly fishing gear, you ask 15 people, and you get 15 ... ... Choosing

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Trout Fishing… How to Catch Them

There are several common methods and gear types used to fish for trout in streams. Fishing with spinning outfits and fly rods are the most popular. Fishing for trout is one of the easiest fishing around if you know where to find them and what you are looking for.

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About Your Trout Fishing Tackle

Trout fishing tackle is a big business these days, but do you really need all that stuff? This article explains the basics that can get you hauling in some trophy trout in no time.

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