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Liver Function Tests: So Mysterious, Yet So Important

When something begins to go wrong with the liver, there can be big problems. That's why liver function tests can be critical--and even life-saving. But many patients become confused over the variety of liver function tests, which often include unfamiliar medical terms such as AST, ALT, SAP, 5-Nucleotidase and GGT. This article has been written to help simplify liver function tests for anyone who may be facing them.

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Asthma Types Based On Severity

It is important to classify a patient's current level of severity to determine the appropriate therapy choices. This article describes the symptoms, diagnosis and appropriate treatment for each of the 4 classes of asthma.

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Alternative Treatment And Supplements For Asthma

For some people, asthma symptoms are unmistakable-like trying to suck air through a straw, they say.

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Asthma - How to Participate in Managing Your Asthma

Allergy to cockroaches is thought to stem from exposure to the feces, saliva, and bodies of these insects. These substances are commonly found in house dust, particularly in urban locations. A recent study of asthma occurring in a large city found a strong connection between allergy to cockroaches and the number of asthmatic attacks.

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A Kidney Function Test Ensure Well Functioning of Your Organ

There are various categories of kidney function tests or renal tests such as concentration and dilution tests, clearance tests (gives an evaluation of the filtration rate of the glomeruli, the principal filtering structures of the kidneys, etc

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