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Pakistan Under Musharraf Military Regime, And The Question Of Religious Fundamentalism

It is been over four years that General Musharaf is been in power. Three years with a naked military regime and the last one year with a so-called democratic government and he as a president. General Musharaf is a lucky military dictator who realised the changed world situation after 11th September 2001 so he changed his policies overnight to become a partner of American imperialism in the "fight against terrorism". He, at least in words, changed his life time support to religious fundamentalist and to some extent abandoned them without any shame or apology.

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Impact of upcoming elections on the sentiments of Pakistan property investors

The general elections to the 14th parliament of Pakistan have been announced to be held on 11 May 2013. Business activities slow down near the elections a normal trend. Similarly, realty market of Pakistan also suffers in the elections tenure.

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