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3 tips to make you a better lover -- tonight

So many people feel that the key to good sex lies in looks, lingerie, and other superficial visual aspects. While it is true that men are typically more visual than women when it comes to arousal, making sure to involve all the senses can help lead to a more steamy time in bed than the perfect body on a model.

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Beyond 60- The Best Time to Enjoy Sex!

Beyond 60- The Best Time to Enjoy Sex!However underlying health issues can interfere with this enjoyment

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Good Sex Requires Effort

If you want to know how to make sex better in a long-term relationship, the first thing you need to understand is that good sex requires effort.

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Sex, Guilt, and Spirituality

It's difficult to get through a day without thinking about sex. That's not a confession, but an observation of the world we live in. We are surrounded by messages pertaining to sex. I can't help but think about sex when I go through the grocery line.

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Pills For Female Libido Enhancement Increases Your Urge

Closeness and intimacy matter a lot for married couple. If you are a married woman and don’t have good sex life then you have to figure out the problems.

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