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Cosmetic raw materials will usher in the era of green

In recent years, cosmetics have become increasingly serious security issues, from the residual surfactant Johnson dioxane to the King and ZPT storm event, a series of security problems caused by cosmetics, cosmetic raw materials for the public safety issues of great concern in China cosmetics manufacturing industry has also led to "green revolution."

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Greener Homes are on the Rise in Hyderabad

Green homes! A healthy residence that is equipped with green materials with green environments that helps in the efficient use of natural resources and reduction in the usage of fossil fuels that affect the ozone. Presently, green homes have become a new trend, the need of the hour, and an indispensable part of a green (sustainable) lifestyle.

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The Formaldehyde Pollution Indoors

The formaldehyde pollution indoors is severe.

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