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CBD Gummies and CBD Oil: Learn all about the differences and usage.

CBD or cannabidiol is an extract taken from the hemp flower and used for a variety of medical applications. The process of CBD extraction is one that has been available for over 100 years but has remained unchanged. The reason for the lack of innovation and change is due to the fact that industrial CBD hemp flower extraction is still seen as a young.

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A Brief Guide to Choosing your CBD

Chances are that you have already heard a lot about CBD, the all-new, revolutionary wellness ingredient that everyone is currently obsessed with. Whether consumed in the form of oil, tincture, gummies or capsule, cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound obtained from cannabis or hemp plant and is known to heal your ailments without getting you high.

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Marijuana-Cannabis-THC-CBD - Definitions and Slang

Do you know what the difference between these products? We are going to shed some light on the subject as well as some words that would probably be considered "slang."

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