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Measuring Hearing Loss

Exact levels of hearing loss can be challenging to measure because it is based on an open ended scale of loudness based on the decibel. While it is difficult to precisely measure, levels of hearing loss can be clearly defined.

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Soundproofing, getting that noise down to a tolerable level

The human ear is a remarkable creation. It can hear pleasant things like music or the sound of nature as you take a walk down a peaceful path in the forest, but our ears can also cause us irritation and can actually keep us awake at night. If you live in a lower condo or apartment unit, you know exactly what I am talking about. The constant sounds of the upstairs neighbors as they “elephant walk” across their newly installed hardwood floors.

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Ears: The Second Pair of Eyes

Humans use their ears for all sorts of communication, but you might use your ears for more than you think. Find out how we use our sense of sound to locate ourselves in space as well as information about getting a hearing test for damaged ears.

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