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The Pros And Cons Associated With Each Type Of Breast Implant Device

Before you decide which type of implant you'll have for your breast augmentation surgery, it's important that you know all the facts associated with each device. Each implant device has its known pros and cons; do you know enough about each of the currently approved implant devices to make an informed, educated decision about the type of implant you'll get for your surgery?

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The Saline Breast Implant Device Is The Safest Breast Implant Currently In Production

The saline breast implant is the best breast implant if safety is the patient's primary concern. Saline implants have rightfully earned the world wide reputation of being the safest breast implant device currently in production.

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Breast Implant Rupture and Leakage Concerns

When considering breast augmentation surgery, the number one concern for women should be the potential for implant rupture and leakage. While aesthetic improvement is the primary concern for most women, they should take into consideration the rupture potential for each type of implant.

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The Gummy Bear Breast Implant Is Becoming Increasingly Popular In The United States

For the last 50 years there have been only two types of breast implant devices available in the United States. Those two implants are silicone gel and saline. There is a new implant available in the U.S. called the cohesive gel implant.

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Silicone Breast Implants Require Moderately Sized Incisions

Despite the controversy surrounding the silicone gel breast implant, it's remained a favorite among American women. The silicone breast implant device is the most requested implant currently available in the United States.

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Cohesive Gel Breast Implant Rotation And Displacement Concerns

The new Gummy Bear Breast implant device has its own unique set of pros and cons. Two of its character traits should be taken into careful consideration before a woman elects to have this type of implant used for her breast augmentation procedure.

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