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The Effects of Stress on Your Health and How You Can Manage It Naturally

How can we handle the high levels of stress in this modern day and age? There are so many adverse affects of stress on our minds, bodies and souls, and knowing how to manage our stress levels can be stressful in and of itself! Learn about what the deleterious physical effects of stress can lead to and how you can manage your stress naturally!!

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Get Going With Race Games

When you are really really stressed have you ever thought of something crazy? Well, at certain times it always makes you feel better when you do something crazy.

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Medical Massage and Control of Arterial Hypertension

Hypertension is a socio-medical problem in the United States of America. 70 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure. It is a fact that only 8% of these people are diagnosed with a real direct cause of high blood pressure such as kidney insufficiency, a tumor on the adrenal gland, or narrowing of the aorta, all of which can be detected by various lab and radiological means. In the other 92% of cases, patients are diagnosed with essential hypertension, which is the same dangerous high blood pressure condition, but with no determined cause.

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Heart Menopause Related Symptoms

Heart menopause: Heart symptoms associated with menopause. One of the most prevalent premenopausal symptoms is heart palpitations. Menopause relief, for perimenopause symptoms like heart palpitations, is difficult to find...

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Panic Attacks - What Are The Warning Symptoms

Find out how you can help yourself or your family beat the awful panic attacks that can otherwise blight their lives.

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