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Using Life Insurance in Business Succession Planning

This article summarizes the many ways that life insurance can be used in a family business succession plan, and the advantages of using life insurance.

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Trust-Owned Annuities

This article discusses, in detail, the income tax consequences of irrevocable trusts owning annuity contracts, and how to properly design such trusts.

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GRATs, Sales to Grantor Trusts, or Private Annuities: Which One is Best?

This article will compare three popular wealth transfer techniques that all produce potential estate tax savings by removing future appreciation from the transferor's estate, but without generating significant taxable gifts.

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How Much Do You Know About Living Trust Michigan?

Sometimes a living trust is also referred to as a revocable living trust or inter vivos trust. This differs from an irrevocable trust. A revocable trust can be changed at anytime, but an irrevocable trust cannot be changed after it is created.

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What About Irrevocable Trust Vs Revocable Trust

There seems to be much misunderstanding when it comes to irrevocable trust vs revocable trust. Here's a look.

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