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Z-wave LED Dimmer For Home Automation

Z-Wave LED dimmer is a lighting device that adopts z-wave wireless communications protocol for home automation. The protocol is oriented to the residential control and automation market and is intended to provide a simple and reliable method to wirelessly control lighting.

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High Performing Led Flashlight

With the latest era of advanced technology and development everything now is witnessing a change in it mostly in the electronic segment.

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Create The Mood With The Laserpod - The Most Exciting Lighting Device Since The Lava Lamp

The laserpod is an amazing lighting device of our time that makes one think back to the old lava lamps of the 1970’s. Think of it as the lava lamp of the 21st century. It is a device that can sit on your desk top and with its three electronic lasers.

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LED Flashlights

Why you should choose LED technology for your next flashlight. A look at flashlights and their evolution into LED technology. The use of LED technology in place of the standard incandescent bulb has resulted in a handheld lighting device that is brighter, longer lasting, and more versatile.

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