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The Advantages of Artificial Trees and Why We Should Prefer Them Over Live Plants

Artificial trees and flowers bring nature to your homes and workplaces and you don't have to take care of them every day.

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How Psychics Read the Aura

The aura is the field of energy that many people believe surrounds all living plants and animals. This aura, when seen, usually appears as layers of color surrounding the being it is linked to, and psychics can read this.

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Healthy Garden Soil - Composting; how, when, & why

In the soft, warm bosom of a decaying compost heap, a ... from life to death and back again is taking place. Life is leaving the living plants of ... but in their death these leaves

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Modern Terrarium A Miniature Garden Inside The Home

You love plants and you enjoy planting as your hobby. You really enjoy taking care of the living plants in your garden but with the changing weather in the country, there are times that you stop your favorite hobby once in a while.

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Artificial Plants as Substitute for Living Plants Suited for Window Boxes

Plants are very essential to our environment because it plays an important role in our life. It gives a natural effect of happiness and complete contentment once you see them grow. It also gives color to our dull gardens or our house as a whole.

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