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Do You Want To Know How Monogamy Came To Be?

In the Hebrew Bible, there is a clear distinction between a love relationship and a marriage arrangement. Love relationships are depicted, over all, as the blinding-revealing passion for someone who is the object of the individual’s attention. For example, Yaakov’s passion for Rachel (B’reshith 29). King David’s lustful desire for Batsheva (Sh’muel Bet 11-12). Samson’s love for D’leelah, the dominatrix of the Hebrew Bible (Shofetim 16). Just to name a few. A marriage arrangement requires that the one’s married to each other fulfill the ethical and moral legal obligations that are binding upon them under the laws prescribed within the community. Further, love between the ones married to each other is not guaranteed. Divorce is probable, and arrangements for that are legally prescribed in both the Torah and the Talmud. Marital strife is likely to occur due to differences in individual needs or unpredictable circumstances, and must be weathered through by adherence to the marital obligations. Love can flourish between the married partners, and this is the "ideal" if the individuals work together through the struggles and keeping the obligations to nurture its continued existence in the marriage.

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Lessons About Marriage Learnt From Riding A Bike

... ... are similar to learning to ride a bicycle as a ... The Gift Marriage is like a gift;the easiest part of marriage ... is opening it by saying, "I do." I on

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