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DALI Dimmer with Group & Scene Control For Building Lighting Automation

DALI is a digital lighting control protocol designed for building automation. It is suitable for large commercial lighting projects for buildings due to its stability and reliability.

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DMX Controller With Built-in RF Receiver Enables Wireless Lighting Control

DMX controller is a very popular digital lighting control solution which offers abundant functions including switching, dimming, color choosing and color running. DMX signal is transmitted by cord that connects the master and decoder. But under many occasions, we may need wireless control for the DMX protocol, then a DMX master controller with built-in RF receiver will work.

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WiFi DMX Controller Enables Remote Control to DMX Lighting

DMX lighting control is a very important digital control system for building lighting automation. It is a very reliable system for lighting control in large area with complicated layout. Nowadays, a popular trend is to control DMX system with WiFi DMX controller, which greatly increases the control flexibility.

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Control Home Lighting Intelligently with Z Wave Home Automation

Z wave is a new emerging home automation solution that enables users to control home appliances with RF signal and mesh network. Z wave is suitable for smart home applications and able to control lighting, door locks, roller and blinds, room temperature and so on.

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Intelligent DMX LED Driver and DMX LED Controller Enable Building Lighting Automation

DMX LED driver is an intelligent power supply which integrates DMX dimming interface. A power supply means a device converts AC voltage input to DC voltage output. DMX is a digital addressable lighting control interface which can address each device in the system. It is a perfect solution for big lighting projects.

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DMX LED Controller Enables Intelligent Lighting Control for Building Automation

DMX LED controller is a digital addressable system which can be perfect solution for intelligent lighting control in a building. In a DMX system, there are max. 512 addresses to control up to 512 LED lamps individually, and each lamp has its own address.

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