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What Your Electronic Manufacturing Service Provider Needs from You

This article tells what your electronic manufacturing service providers needs from you to prepare an accurate quotation for a typical printed circuit board assembly project.

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What Must You Know about SAP MM

The content in this blog is based on the SAP MM module. Along with it, a brief introduction about other SAP modules is also provided. You will get to know about the advantages and future scope of SAP MM. Besides all these, it has been sure to give an idea about the job opportunities,

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Project Management Training

Project management is a very specialized and often complex task, and requires more training than the average programmer or executive might expect in very specific organizational tasks. To meet this demand, professional groups such as the Project Management Institute (PMI) were organized to set standards for the training of project managers.

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Courses On MBA Operations, Materials Management And IT For Students To Carve An Exclusive Career

Management studies in various parts of the world are nowadays being looked at differently in comparison to the view that was held a few years or at most a decade back. Students were coming out for pursuing courses that were run of the mill types including the marketing, finances, human resources, etc. They started working and belonging to different countries at the same time. One can realize the magnitude of these concepts by the large scale penetration of the mobile companies in a country.

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