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Treasure Security- A Safe Investment

Treasure security is the safest option to invest the money and acquire a stable return. Usually, treasure security is associated with some trade-offs, but the rewards can compensate them. There are four types of treasury securities, which provide and yield, safety and good returns simultaneously.

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What are debt funds and who can invest in them?

This article is about one of the low-risk mutual fund i.e. debt fund. However, these funds provide some limit amount of returns but the risk associated in these funds are very low as they utilized in government instruments. There is various type of debt funds and each has different benefits.

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What are the types of debt mutual funds and their risk classification?

Debt funds are a type of actively managed mutual fund that primarily invests in debt instruments such as Treasury bills (T-bills), Government securities (G-secs), commercial papers (CP), government and corporate bonds, certificates of deposit (CD), and money market instruments...

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What Are Debt Funds & How do they Work?

Debt Mutual Funds invest in instruments like treasury bills, corporate bonds, commercial papers, government securities & money market instruments. These instruments have a pre-decided maturity date; hence they are also called Fixed-Income Funds.

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