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How to Keeping Your Shower Curtain Beautiful

You have invested a lot of time and money in your beautiful new shower curtain, protecting it is probably a priority. The very nature of where a shower is located makes it a difficult task to accomplish though. The number one way to protect your investment is to put a shower liner in. Fabric shower curtains most often require one.

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Simple but Handy Ideas for Shower Curtains

An ingenious idea for the shower is a shower curtain with pockets. Sewn on the inside of the shower curtain or shower curtain liner, shower curtain pockets give you a handy place to put your shampoo, soap and other bath products. Shower curtains with pockets are usually single panel curtains. This does not allow for a lot of design possibilities. If you are looking to ad texture to your shower curtain, you can add a shower curtain top.

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