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The death of the believer

Such as love of ahl al-bayt, cleanliness, good morality, showing respect for trust, mercy, shame, struggling for keeping honesty, love of country are indicators of faith and we shouldn’t compromise on these issues. We should know that Allah is always beside us. We shouldn’t be in doubt about our faith. The greatest help to be held for a person is to remind Allah. Having faith while breathing last breath is useless. But repentance is accepted while breathing last breath. The moribund patient shouldn’t be desperate of Allah’s mercy.

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Helping a moribund patient

We should attempt to die as martyr. We must adhere the reasons that will lead us to be a martyr. One of the spiritual reasons for dying as a martyr is that human attempts to learn the provisions of Allah and post, spread them to the human. Another thing is to get love of the world out of heart and place there love of Allah. Moribund patient should be kept in a room which has a good ventilating, calm, with appropriate heat and humidity conditions. In this room; alive picture, sculpture, excrement, dog, alcoholic drink, gambling and musical instruments shouldn’t be existed.

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