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How Quote Canvas Can Change Your Life As human beings, we are always looking for tools to stay productive and focused on the task at hand. However, one of the most underrated productivity tools is wa...

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Motivational Quotes For Students

There are many different types of motivation and all of them are useful for motivating your students.

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Should You Be Reading Quotes and Sayings Regularly?

The article provides six strong reasons why anyone should read quotes and sayings on a regular basis.

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The Secret Behind The Secret DVD - 23 Motivational Quotes - Movies That Change Lives

If your first introduction to Esther Hicks was in watching The Secret Movie, then you may not be familiar with her works. During my first couple of views of The Secret DVD the teachers that spoke to me the loudest where Esther Hicks and Dr Michael Beckwith. Since Mrs. Hicks is not attached to The Secret website in any way, I had to do a little research. The amazing ride through the Teachings of Abraham have been wonderful.

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Uplift Your Emotional Strength and Confidence - 12 Motivational Quotes That Enrich and Empower!

When feeling anxious, depressed, or unsure, how can you begin to break free of these negatives, and fill yourself with power, dignity, and a solid sense of capacity and ability? Here I give you 12 emotional strength stimulating motivational quotes to help you stop gloom-doom/negative thoughts and feelings dead in their tracks. Reading through each of the quotes, you'll feel negative emotional "clouds" lifting...and yourself embracing an outlook of invincible POSITIVE expectancy!

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