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Mystery Shopping - An Excellent Way To Make Extra Money

Mystery shopping (sometimes called secret shopping) is an excellent way to make extra money. It is very easy to do, you need no previous experience, no special knowledge and no expensive equipment. Mystery shopping can be performed by anyone who is able to go shopping.

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Mystery Shopping -- An excellent part time job or additional income source

Mystery shopping may not become your next career, but it will provide you with some extra income, free goods, and maybe even a few adventures along the way!

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Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is an excellent way to make extra money. In fact, some people make a full time living doing it.

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Companies for Secret Shoppers

There are more than 400 mystery shopping companies in the world. They all work for different clients. Some work for hotels, while others work for banks. A mystery shopper should know about the company well before registering with it. This would make it easy for him or her to choose the right kind of job that interests him or her. Some of the big and small mystery shopping companies are listed and described below:

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