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Dedication... To pain killers and relaxants, those drugs for after a long day of hard work, when all you want is a quick fix to make things pleasant once more....

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Forward to the Past - Feudalism and Communism

The core ... of Central Europe (the Czech ... Hungary and, to a lesser extent, Poland) ... ... ... in the ... period. But the ... ... the vast expa

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Occult Shop for the Art of Witchcraft

Occult generally has its relation to the supernatural events, circumstances and things which deal with supernatural beings. This has nothing to do with the realm of the earth and is associated with the evil. The intervention caused to this art can be at different levels. It can just be as simple as getting your tarot read. This is often considered harmless. But if you have the intention of holding a discussion about the various beliefs and practices, then it can be at a completely harmless too.

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That's Not How It's S'posed To Be

When things are not “how they’re supposed to he,” how we suffer. Life events which assault our ... of how life should be are ... to handle and require patience in the ... and rely

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