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Who Else Wants A Well Trained And Obedient Dog?

Dog training really boils down to following a few important steps. Learn how to train your dog by applying proven, useable, easy methods that have been used by thousands of dog owners.

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What Kind of Positive Motivation Do You Need?

When you think of the problems in your life, you may be disappointed that you haven’t made the changes that you could have. Most of us know that we could do more – we could work out, we could eat better, we could get educated and find a better job – but getting motivated is very difficult to do.

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Godfather Style Dog Training - How To Make Your Dog An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Dog training is a lot like the movie “The Godfather.” In order to get great results, you need to make your dog an offer they can’t refuse. But, instead of using violence and anger, we want to find ways to positively motivate your dog.

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Can Positive Motivation in a Relationship?

When you are in a relationship, whether you are dating or married, keeping a happy and caring atmosphere over a long period of time can be extremely difficult.

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