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Different Material Used In Wind Shield

No doubt, wind shield is a very important component of our automobile, whether it is acar, truck, or tram etc. We can use wind shields to prevent ourselves from direct air at high speed and it also prevent us from different debris.In the beginning, wind shields are made up of ordinary common glass. This ordinary glass was very tough, which allowed a wind shield to shatter very easily from flying debris.

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Glass lens material

Lens material is transparent media, divided into two broad categories of inorganic and organic. In our daily lives will come across a natural medium crystal lens, which is made of quartz ore grinding lenses.

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Brief introduction of ITO conductive glass

ITO conductive glass is based on the glass of sodium, calcium boron or silicon substrate.

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Auto Repair Options for Cracked Windshield

This article is about auto repair options for a cracked or damaged windshield. It gives the car owner some insights on how to fix small damages.

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