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Lawanna Brock Discusses Permanent Makeup

Permanent cosmetics can resemble regular makeup. This unique technique involves the use of a tattoo wand and a cosmetic technician can produce designs that resemble regular makeup. Cosmetic procedures usually involve placing permanent eyeliners, artificial eyebrows, lip liners, and more recently, full eyeshadow contouring.

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Lovely Lip Tips From Our Expert Melany Whitney, CPCP, DAAM

You'll find the design and makeup expert lip tips interesting reading even if you aren't considering permanent makeup. In this interview, Melany Whitney talks about cosmetic lip enhancements, shaping, and shading techniques.

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Cosmetics Precautions

For those with little or no eyebrow hair, this procedure can provide more natural-looking results. Permanent cosmetics can also help cover up unsightly scars, and do not wash away, smudge, or fade in a few hours.

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Permanent Cosmetics - Look Great While Saving Time and Money

If you are tired of spending money on mascara, eyeliner and other makeup, consider permanent cosmetics.

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Eye Beauty Enhancement Tips

You'll find this article interesting reading as professional permanent makeup technician and artist Melany Whitney speaks about how to enhance your eyes with color and design.

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