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How Corporate Down Sizing Can Help Your Home Business

Most people see corporate down sizing as a bad thing. Even though I don't see layoffs as a good thing, I believe it will have a positive affect on the lives of many former corporate employees, the American economy and the home business market.

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We Just Need to Have FUN!

Do you have fun everyday? The kind of fun that Cyndi Lauper knew that girls wanted to have, although she chose to ignore the poor guys! The fun that makes you run out on a sunny day and play in the park, with or without children?

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Depression and Anxiety -- 3 Powerful Non-prescription Supplements

A leading British hypno-psychotherapist explains how 3 powerful supplements - available without a prescription - can have a really positive affect on our feelings and our mental well being.

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Improving Your Bottom Line Through Vastu

The design of your office and home has a great ... on your ... success. If your work or living ... are in harmony with nature they have a positive affect on your ... In na

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Creating an image - Can a speech do it?

Do you ever have to present to large audiences? What's the message and image you want to convey? Recent research is in line with the US presidential candidates' performances. They give some good clues.

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